"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."

I was still attending school when I started to work as freelancing Parkour athlete/acrobat in 2010. I did’nt start training with the intention to earn  money with it, I just knew that I want to be the best in what I am doing. I trained hard and soon I was booked to perform on stage with Germanys professional business Parkour Team: Ashigaru. After that experience I knew I want more. Until I graduated in 2012 I performed on many shows for different clients on galas, openings and fashion shows. That was when I realized, this is not only a hobby anymore.

Since my graduation I work as full time athlete, stuntman and sportsmodel. Being represented by the Parkour Team Ashigaru I have been on many different live performances for clients like Adidas, Mazda, Mercedes, Rockport and more. Having always moved in front of my own camera a lot educated me in giving the camera exactly what it needs. I was given the chance to prove this ability - and wherever I showed up, clients, directors and cameramen were very happy with my work.
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