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PRO Athlete   |   Brand Ambassador   |   Sportsmodel


"Hi, I am Lucas!

The one thing that runs like a red thread through my entire life is sports.

When I discovered Parkour at the age of 15, it was like a flame was ignited in me. I knew immediately:
"THIS is it! I want to be great at that!"

From that fateful day it only took 1.5 years until I performed professionally on stage for a large sportswear manufacturer for the first time. The path to working in front of international cameras was not far from there. Since 2012 I work as full-time pro athlete, sports model, actor and content creator for commercial, TV and cinema film productions. I strive to create enthusiasm among my customers and audiences. I'm proud I've been able to give my best on Hollywood productions like MATRIX IV & THE HUNGER GAMES, or game shows like CATCH! and I look forward to all the projects that are yet to come!

Whether in front of the camera, on concrete ground, or in the gym:

tackling my physical and, above all, my mental limits, surpassing myself again and again is something I am in love with to this day."


"Every person has their own story that makes them special. The failures are just as important as the successes.

I want to empower people not to let fears and boundaries stop them, to courageously transform their personal stories into their strengths and to get up again and again!"

Fall down seven times and stand up eight!



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Follow me - @luuuukewilson



"I love telling stories through sport that motivate people and inspire them to take action.

Let's implement projects together that audiences are moved by!"

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